Saturday, August 25, 2007

Random thoughts on some old news

It never ceases to amaze me the optimism which journalists in the West greeted Victor Yushchenko's campaign while ignoring protests from the Yanukovich camp that in one particular case turned out to be very valid. I'm thinking particularly of the charge that Yushchenko's alliance contained fascists.

Well, if you look at the members of the coalition that Yushchenko heads you'll notice it includes something called the OU/B, or Ukrainian Organization Bandera. The OU was the main collaborationist force during the Nazi occupation of the Ukraine. It split into two, of which the Bandera organization was one. Many of the members, because they weren't German and because their country was occupied by the Soviet Union, slipped through the net of U.S. immigration, and Canadian immigration as well as setting up shop in some South American countries. They maintained fraternal ties to one another and when the Cold War ended and Ukraine ceased to be Communist they, or their sons and people in the Ukrainian community that they'd won over to their side, went back and started organizing there. The present OU/B is a direct continuation of the fascist organization that formed during the Nazi occupation. And it's a member of Yushchenko's coalition.

Certainly Putin was funneling money into the Yanukovich camp, but this charge wasn't entirely made up. Ukraine has seen a renaissance in fascist and Nazi organization, with the remaining members of the Ukrainian division of the SS, made up of Ukrainians,which formed in the last part of World War II, staging parades.

I'm sure that the OU/B presence in the coalition isn't that large but, you know, if someone invited the Klan into a coalition government I don't think that the lack of seats going to the Klan would really make any difference in how people viewed that action.

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