Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Currently trying to figure out just what evidence there is that the Iranian government is arming Iraqi insurgents

And it's taken me via blogs to places that I'm sure the U.S. government loves that I've gone, like the official Iranian arms manufacturing company, where a blogger found a picture of a shell that is comparable to one of the ones the U.S. said it captured in insurgents hands.

So far there's very little concrete. There's a presentation that the U.S. gave in February where they showed the press debris with the caveat that they could neither take pictures or tape the presentation....and where they then gave out a pre-made CD-ROM containing images they claim are of Iranian arms captured in Iraq. Then there's the alleged Iranian Revolutionary Guard officer who was captured, supposedly setting up delivery of arms to insurgents in northern Iraq. But it seems a little bit difficult to find information on what exactly happened to this person, which is strange because he would be the prime piece of evidence that would prove that someone in the Iranian governmental hierarchy was officially approving the arming of presumably Shi'ia militias in Iraq.
I'm keepin' on a lookin'

Currently the U.S. is releasing no details, it looks like, and so the whole thing is essentially based on a "Trust us" statement by an administration that has compulsively lied about Iraq, both in the buildup to the war and in the progress of the war itself. Interestingly enough, the Iraqi government in Baghdad says that the officer was part of a business delegation.

Since this is going to be used to start another war it's sort of important, and also really suspicious that it's been exactly a week since this happened and no further information has been forthcoming.

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