Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eating meat hurts the environment but...

(title link)Well, hydrocarbon emissions hurt the environment too---particularly the emissions from car exhaust and from factories. Unlike vegetarianism or veganism we can do a lot to change both of these things without forcing people to radically alter their lifestyles. Public transportation and cleaner manufacturing processes are a lot more reasonable than demanding that people's diets change in a radical way. To say that going vegetarian is the best way to save the planet is escapist. If you really want to save the planet you'll pursue and push for policies that deal with the most blatant causes of global warming first and then work back. Cars that burn gasoline and produce pollution are about as close as you can get to a completely blatant cause of global warming. Factories that belch out clouds of pollution thanks to lax rules regulating pollution are another very, very blatant cause of global warming. While it's nice to think about the impact that modern farming has on things, I just can't understand people who point to eating meat as being the unseen villain in the global warming saga.

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