Monday, September 24, 2007

Georges Franju II

This is a preliminary note, I'll get to a review of "Divine Horsemen" and "Eyes Without A Face" tomorrow. But on seeing "Le Sang des Betes", the Blood of the Beasts, again (it's only twenty minutes long and is on the same DVD as "Eyes without a Face") it occurs to me that there's a whole level of social criticism contained in it that I hadn't picked up on. It isn't something that hits you over the head, but it's implicitly there and it's very powerful. It also isn't something that someone who's watched a lot of films has made up out of thin air. The date that it was made is very important: 1949.

The social criticism, at least as I read it, is this: that what we consider to be part of the dark past, of primitive life, that we consider our enlightened civilization to be above, still exists at the heart of our society. The film was made within five years of the liberation of France.

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