Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gute und Böse Zeiten in Verdammt Amerika

"Bild Zeitung Rules Germany

Germany's wildly successful Bild newspaper flies just under the nonsense threshold of American and British tabloids. But the publication's mix of sex and scandal makes it a bestseller." From "Der Speigel". Title link leads to the article, excerpts below.

"For German politicians, it's a necessary evil. For German journalists, it's mandatory daily reading. For the German desperate, it's a daily dose of high-resolution soft porn. And for millions of Germans, it's the primary source of news."

"Last year the paper scooped every other news source in Germany with an exclusive on a Danish dominatrix and her dwarf: "Bild found the weirdest sex pair in the world in a suburb of Copenhagen," the reporter announced. A recent issue of the paper blared about "the big SEX report," a disturbing nationwide study of adolescent sexual activity that found, among other things, that "every fifth 14-year-old has already had sex," and "30 percent of girls fake orgasm." These parent-scaring shocker-facts came above the fold. Below it? A photo of Alex, a bodacious tanning-bed brown brunette, and her breasts.

But Bild does have a few standards. It was shocked, for example -- shocked! -- when the British Sun published paparazzi photos of Chancellor Merkel's naked derriere (more...) while she changed bathing suits on vacation in Italy last week. "In any case the rear end of my chancellor is nicer for me to look at than your whiskey-bloated ass-faces in London," wrote Bild's gap-toothed commentator Franz Josef Wagner. Whether Herr Wagner would be quite so het up if she was someone else's chancellor isn't clear. "The only language you understand," he goes on, "is the language of soccer." He concludes: "We will destroy you at the World Cup.""


It says it was founded by Axel Springer in 1954. Wasn't Axel Springer the guy who founded the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which is a major nationwide conservative high end paper?

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