Monday, September 17, 2007

How you know you're a politics nerd

Here's an excerpt from a post from "WebProNews" (title link) that I got to from a Firedoglake link. The story is about how CBS is threatening to sue the guy because he wrote that CBS sent insulting e-mails to people who wrote in complaining thatKatie Couric just asked softball questions when in Iraq. In the course of introducing why he wrote about a political issue on a site devoted to the web, author Jason Lee Miller wrote this :

"In short, we didn't have a dog in this fight, and your humble author who, just like Ferris Bueller doesn't believe in isms, would tell you he is neither Right nor Left, but maybe, if he had to label himself, is a John Stuart Mill Utilitarianist with Thomas Paine Libertarian tendencies and a slightly Aristotelian disdain for the unwashed masses (so maybe you shouldn't ask)."

My first response, after tracing out the different threads of political ideology, was to say (in a sort of collegial way) "You fucker!", instead of saying "What the hell is he talking about?"

Reminds me of the joke where two people are talking about religion and they both say they're Baptists, then one of them starts to question the other about just what particularly branch of the Baptist Church the other is from. They go down the line talking about different conventions, conferences, that sort of thing, until it's revealed that the other guy disagrees with some sort of support that the other guy's church has for some minor agreement, whereupon he says something like "Unbeliever!" or "Heathen!".

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