Friday, September 14, 2007

Sting photographed outside of German brothel

Where brothels are legal. Prostitution has been legal in Germany for several years, and before the official legalization was officially tolerated for many more. So......Sting outside a brothel? Grow up people. The title link of this post leads to a UK Daily Mail article on it that doesn't once mention that prostitution is legal in Germany and that paints the place he went to as a strip club that secretly allows prostitution. Paragraph after spindly little paragraph, spindly because they're short and punctuated by pictures relating to Sting and relating to the brothel, goes into the supposed iniquity of the whole thing.

But in case the Daily Mail editors haven't realized, talking about notorious brothels in Hamburg is like talking about the notorious red light district of Amsterdam.

The repressed anglo readership, consisting of bored housewives and other species of person secretly thrilled but publicly outraged by scandal, is now eating up the story that Sting has been a naughty boy.

Maybe they should stop thinking about celebrities as boys and start thinking of them as men, and women.

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