Sunday, October 14, 2007

Alexander Cockburn reminds people of the other heritage of Al Gore

Besides talking about climate change. Title link leads to an essay pointing out how Gore supported the sanctions against Iraq during the '90s that lead to an exponential growth in child mortality as well as increase in diseases caused by the prohibition of medical supplies as being potential "dual use" technologies. I remember reading in "Project Censored" in the late '90s that the sanctions became so absurd and crippling that a contract to import eggs into Iraq was denied because some component in eggs could theoretically be isolated and contribute to a dual use technology that could potentially facilitate the development of biological weapons.

I don't really care for Cockburn's opinions on climate change but, ahem, unlike certain high profile bloggers I'm able to filter out the stuff regarding to his scepticism on global warming and pay attention to the more valuable things that he writes about.

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