Thursday, October 11, 2007

If Obama objected to the Iran legislation so much why didn't he vote against it?

He's been criticizing Hillary Clinton for voting for legislation that declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization and connected them to attacks inside Iraq. Yet he didn't show up for the vote himself and what's more he cosponsored a bill that declared the same thing about the Revolutionary Guard minus the assertion that they were acting in Iraq.

Condemning or labeling the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization is absurd in that if you did that you'd have to label the U.S. Special Forces as a terrorist group as well. The Guard is a part of the Iranian armed forces. I suspect that their action on the Iran-Iraq border is being provoked by the United States in order to justify launching a war with Iran.

However, that doesn't erase the fact that Obama seems to be playing fast and loose with his real opinions about the issue in order to get progressive voters onto his side.

Remember the 2002 speech....Remember the 2002 speech...that's the Obama campaign's constant refrain, said in the hope that people won't look at what he's actually talking about now.

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