Saturday, October 06, 2007

Jung and Bush

According to Jung nations have shadows too. It doesn't take much to connect the outpouring of authoritarianism and bloodlust that followed 9/11 to a sudden invasion of the psychological shadow of the U.S. into it's mainstream psyche. All of the impulses that manifested themselves after 9/11 had been there before, indeed it was commonplace before it happened to say that the Republicans were really secret fascists and that if they ever got their chance their true colors would come out. The conservatism of the rural South and of rural areas in general and the rhetoric of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and others had been widely commented on well before it happened as well. It took a shock to the collective psyche to bring all of the tendencies out.

9/11 in this sense had the effect of baiting someone that you know is sort of fucked up into fighting when they don't want to. It touched a sort of pressure point that the psyche of America couldn't handle and so the beast that hides behind the psyche came out to try to deal with the perceived threat, and like someone baited into fighting it swung wildly at everything it could see that was associated with it.

Of course the shadow wasn't inactive before, but it conducted its actions in secret, far from the public view, ensuring that the nice image that people had of America was maintained. This part of the shadow was the shadow of the U.S. government, but unfortunately after 9/11 the government found out that it's shadow self was shared by the U.S. public in general, and used that knowledge as an authorization to go full force.

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