Sunday, October 21, 2007

Peak oil, or, what's up with Britney?

According to the Title Link article from the Guardian in the UK, the peak oil moment happened this year, in 2007. The idea of peak oil is simple. There's only a finite amount of it and the area of land that hasn't been checked for oil deposits is in steep decline as well, meaning that there probably won't be any surprise discoveries of huge unknown oil deposits to get us through...well to get us through for the entire future history of the human race. It's sort of depressing to put it that way but that's what we're talking about. So the amount of oil being produced will drop every year until it's totally exhausted. Global warming causing radical climate change, peak oil meaning that we're not going to be able to live in the same way we have, plus the fact that most of the 20th century's CFCs haven't gotten into the ozone layer yet make for a pretty nasty cocktail. I suppose in a way the radical changes in lifestyle that will have to take place will be good, but the fact that those changes will happen most likely after people have gone bat shit crazy over not being able to continue their lifestyles will probably make it unpleasant. To say the least.

But those Islamo-Fascists wanting to steal our freedom......and the Rapture! Who can forget the Rapture!

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