Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quiet Days in Clichy by Henry Miller--the movie

A good movie that mixes thoughts on life with hardcore pornography. If you had to adapt a Henry Miller novel, this would be the way to do it. My understanding is that the novel itself is very short. I wonder what a movie made out of "Tropic of Cancer" would look like. The mind boggles. I wouldn't say that this movie was one of the all time greats, but it's nice, slow paced, meditative. And the sound track by "Country Joe and the Fish" is interesting in its own right. I don't think that more explicit lyrics, which occasionally serve as narration, have been used in a semi-mainstream....non-complete And it's "Quiet days in Clichy" not Clinchy as I reported earlier. I own the fucking thing so I should know the title.

Anyways, I think I first mentioned the film about a year ago, with a sort of review saying "I watched it" and little else, so...sometimes things take a long time to come to fruition I guess. Or maybe I'm just lazy.

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