Sunday, October 28, 2007

Elderly Instruments, East Lansing

[on edit: this post started with an attack on some of the YAF people at MSU. I thought it went unnecessarily far, so I'm taking that part off and keeping the last part.]

Too bad. I have good memories of East Lansing, although I didn't go to school there. Most of them revolve around a music store there called "Elderly Instruments", which is absolutely phenomenal, carrying things like custom mandolins, dobros, hammered dulcimers, as many varieties of guitar as you could want, accordions, banjos, hand drums, and about a hundred traditional folk instruments that you haven't heard of but you'd like to know more about. Damn good place.

[on edit] Ah, this got me thinking of it again. I used to go in there and salivate over the guitars they had, acoustic guitars custom made, beautiful, and costing more money than god has. And electric instruments. If my memory serves me rightly they have a big selection of these weird European electric guitars from the seventies that have strange switching options related to the pickups and EQ....which are becoming very popular these days precisely because of the weird shit they can allow you to do with the sound of your guitar.

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