Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wow...MSU, Nick Griffin, Young Americans for Freedom

The British National Party. You know you have to go to straight out skinhead groups in Britain like the National Front to get any further to the right. So Nick Griffin spoke at MSU. I'm from Michigan and these things interest me.

Here's picture of the MSU "Young Americans for Freedom" posing with a statue on the MSU campus:

Funny thing, and I don't know if the person taking the picture for the Big Green, where I found it, knew this or not but the statue is oddly Third Reich-esque in combination with the sign.

Anyways, I'm kind of stunned. Leave it for conservatives in the U.S. to exploit the ignorance of people on the politics of conservatives from outside the country. Sort of like inviting David Duke to a conference in Russia.

And this Kyle Bristow. It's funny seeing a picture of him on his website with Tom Tancredo. I can't help but picture a caption saying [on edit: you can picture it too!] "What am I doing posing with this wetback....err, I mean "Italian"...I didn't realize Tancredo was so brown....Your papers, bitte, Herr Tancredo! least he's another brown man for white pride, where's Ward Connerly?"

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