Thursday, November 08, 2007

Damn it feels good to be in the minority again---Huffington Post on Kucinich

Or on Kucinich's bill to impeach Cheney. Not a word on their normal news site even though the bill has gotten coverage on every single other progressive news site in the past few days. Only one mention, by blogger Bob Cesca posted today. Instead, the biggest story on Kucinich, that's run for several days, is that Shirley McClaine wrote and Kucinich confirmed the he saw a UFO. But then, the news section of the Huffington Post is now headed by the person who used to run CBS.Com, surely a progressive gateway if there ever was one, so expect lapses like this to continue into the future.

Which is why it's becoming comforting to be in the minority in the sense that maybe, after an insane flurry of publicity, blogging is becoming less trendy and progressive blogging in general is starting to lose some of the shine that proponents of the 'netroots' saw in it. The progressive world can do without large well funded sites jumping on the bandwagon. It only dilutes the meaning of 'Progressive' by commercializing and commodifying it. Progressive chic, dude! Let's make a slick marketing plan to capitalize on this new, hip, valuable commodity.

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