Monday, November 12, 2007

A good thing about Obama: advocates more progressive taxation for Social Security

By raising the cap that prevents high amounts of income from being taxed for Social Security. Not progressive in the sense of raising contributions from the rich and lowering contributions from the working class while increasing the amount that the working class gets back from social security while decreasing the amount that the rich get back, but a wee bit more progressive than what we have right now. I'm puzzled by the reaction of Joshua Schwartz, of the Mother Jones blog MoJo and of This Modern World, to the announcement, saying that Barack Obama, you are a moron. The reason is because he declared that he'd be for raising taxes, even though the taxes that he'd raise wouldn't effect the vast majority of people out there. To me this just feeds into mainstream Democrat fears of even mentioning necessary tax increases, therefore leading to doing nothing to stop Republicans from dismantling any and all taxes that they can. Look at the Estate Tax, which the Republicans waged a successful campaign to totally eviscerate, based on the idea that what is essentially a large gift from one family member to another was a "Death Tax". Someone is going to have to say that raising taxes is necessary, and if Barack Obama really is some sort of visionary like the netroots say he is, and if the 'netroots' themselves are really Progressive and not just anti-Bush, neither he nor they should have a problem with it.

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