Saturday, November 17, 2007

How are we going through an "Atheist Moment" in the United States?

When books like Bertrand Russel's "Why I am not a Christian" have been available at chain bookstores for years and years and years? It's not like atheism didn't have a strong following before the book by Richard Dawkins (who recently said that the statement by Dr. James Watson--codiscoverer of DNA--that the African continent as a whole had a lower IQ than Europe needed a scientific response through more testing [instead of instant condemnation]), as well as other books, including the one by Christopher Hitchens, came out.

Yes, Richard Dawkins, who people are lionizing, feels (as revealed in a quote he gave to The Guardian about James Watson's comments) that there's nothing ethically wrong with condemning an entire race of people as being genetically inferior....but we that we should just hold off on our judgments until more testing to confirm or deny it takes place.

Wonderful thing this materialistic atheism, and the cult of science that goes along with it.

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