Friday, November 02, 2007

The irony factory, or why don't hipsters do something original?

Just got back from Capitol Hill Seattle which is hipster central. I've been observing this genus of creature for a long time and I don't mind them as long as they're doing something that's creative and original. That's really just because of the condescension that they heap on everyone else. If they were just doing their own thing and not acting like they're above everyone else I wouldn't even care if productive things came out of it or not, it would just be. A lifestyle choice. But when you set your self up in the way many of them have in relation to other folks and combine that with an ironic disdain for parts of culture that you don't like you're screaming out for people to call you on your shit.

It's easier to obsessively quote things, from clothing styles to musical tastes to literature, than it is to create them. Even if you look down with disdain on the things that you're quoting you're still not creating something on even that level by picking parts of it out and using it in a clever way. After a while I personally get sick of seeing people who don't seem to be doing anything original who think they're geniuses for imitating a thousand other people who are doing the same thing.

Eventually the whole thing, the entirety of the hipster scene, is no longer going to be able to sustain itself without some new blood in the form of creativity.

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