Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Old Old friends or "Where are they now?"

A cautionary tale about certain people who think they're rebels. I have a Myspace page that I update quite a lot. I write a whole lot on it and communicate a lot with people I know on it. I also don't link this blog to it. For a while I listed an Alternative high school I used to go to as one of my schools. For people outside the U.S. who don't know what U.S. alternative high schools are, they're publicly funded schools designed to take kids who would otherwise drop out or who have criminal records. Well, I got a message and a friend request from someone I used to know from this school.

We used to do a lot of drugs together, back when I was using a lot of drugs, and he was an enthusiast for gangster rap, while I was sort of into it. He wasn't a suburban gangster rap enthusiast, he came from a poor family and either through the school or through other friendships actually knew gang members, as did I and basically everyone who attended that school. But maybe characterizing him as someone who loved gangster rap is sort of stereotyping, because he was a nice guy and we were sort of on the same side of thumbing our noses at authority.

Well, in response to the Myspace message I did what was possibly the most passive way of saying that I didn't really want to talk to him, something as inoffensive as you can get while indicating that. A few days later a really strange profiled person wanted to sign up as my friend. This person's profile showed them as a gay native american Muslim who liked reggae and had dreadlocks, and wanted to talk to other people about the virtues of Islam. Obviously a fake profile, but a fake profile unlike most of the fake profiles you come across. I figured out pretty quickly that he and his friends had probably made it.

On my Myspace page I had mentioned that I was bisexual and that I was a leftist, that I was a socialist. So in response to that Mr. Rebel, who from his profile seemed to be going strong without having sold out at all, put together a parody profile combining racist anti-liberal sentiment with the sort of propaganda that the Bush administration puts out, which is that if you criticize the President you're pro-terrorist and partial to radical Islamist ideas. So what exactly does his rebellion mean if it sees nothing wrong with some of the worst ideas and thoughts in American society?

There's more to life than what's approved as being rebellious. The issues that are the most important are right there in front of your face, and if you don't acknowledge or recognize them you're just another sheep.

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