Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Viva Chavez! Great article by James Petras on Venezuela and the referendum

In which he argues that the Presidential term is the least of the amendments, the others being amendments that would establish a universal social security system, decrease the working day, guarantee higher education for all, extend legal nationalization of businesses and redistribution of land. The main thrust of the article is an examination of a recently found CIA document dealing with destabilizing Venezuela, this being the same CIA that the liberal/progressive set has lionized Valerie Plame for working for. It looks like Venezuela has reached the decisive confrontation between the business sector and the government that will decide once and for all who's in charge. Who runs Venezuela, business interests or the people? Yes, it's being accomplished through a governmental structure, which on the bottom level is decentralized, but centralization can be a good way for a united front to challenge capitalism under one banner instead of being fragmented.

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