Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back to more serious stuff: immigration

The Huffington Post, which seems to be taking a little break from its slide into obscurity and triteness, points out that Huckabee, Romney, and Giuliani have all launched anti-immigration attacks, with Huckabee actually endorsed by the Minutemen. To me this seems like an issue which wasn't considered to be serious at all until the Republican noise machine started to promote it as such, like the insane idea that Global Warming is somehow not actually happening. They Kyoto Protocol has been discussed for over fifteen years, my friend, with the Ozone Hole being discovered in the early eighties, I believe. But anti-immigration rhetoric has more immediate potential consequences for people than climate change at the moment, although that seems to be itself changing.

Anti-immgration is of course a codeword for anti-hispanic. There are, in fact, illegal immigrants from places like Ireland in the United States, but somehow they aren't the ones being referred to in the debates. The idiocy of the anti-immigration stand can be summed up in one question: who is more American: a person whose ancestors are from Europe or a person whose ancestors were part of the Aztec confederation?

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