Thursday, December 27, 2007

An interesting tidbit about Robert Anton Wilson---he despised democracy

Sound strange that the prophet of personal freedom and Discordianism, of a certain type of anarchist spirit, could in fact dislike what the whole thing is based on? Read here some quotes from the man himself regarding the subject from his introduction to the book "Undoing yourself with Energized Meditation":

"The one sure way to make yourself unpopular in the United States these days is to mention the fact that Christianity and Democracy have been among the worst disasters to ever befall the human race."

"In Social and Cultural Dynamics, and other works, Sorokin documents beyond all doubt that democratic nations have been involved in more imperialistic wars, and have fought them with greater ferocity, than any other kinds of governments, from the dawn of civilization to the present. Oriental despotisms, absolute monarchies, even modern fascist and communist nations have all had heinous records of tyranny and general human oppression, but collectively they have been much less aggressive and war-like than the democracies, from ancient Athens to modern America"

This is literally on the first page of the book beyond the table of contents and dedications.

RAW, the counter culture hero, is honestly asserting here that modern democratic states are more blood thirsty than Hitler's Third Reich.

I guess he believed in liberty for me but not for thee. Isn't that the definition of a hypocrite?


haltse said...

It would of course be amusing if Hitler was the product of a democratic process which arguably he was.

Personal freedom and democracy are antithetical. What freedom do you think is gained by having people vote on your ability to choose what goes into your body? E.g Bob's pain relief choice was democratically denied by the feds.

Once "they , the people" tell you that you must suffer because it was the intent of the voters to do so it would be hard to agree that democracy and freedom are not as related those with a stake in the institutions would like you to believe.

The idea that democracy and Eris are related is one of the funniest things I've read all day. Sure she's in the hanging chads, the diebolds and the odd attack ad but when you start out with the idea that anarchist spirit was somehow compatible with the state it doesn't make the last couple of lines seem as ridiculous.

Pope Haltse Kometes

John Madziarczyk said...

Your comment reflects exactly what's wrong with the stoner mystique surrounding Robert Anton Wilson. You're content to sit in your house smoking pot while people in the streets are dying from gang violence and black men are arrested in droves for the same minor crimes that you get away with.

You'll whine about your individual freedom while not lifting a finger to address any of the social problems facing the country, or even acknowledging that they exist.

White privilege on display. Class privilege on display too. If you were born into a different situation I think you'd appreciate the need to collectively address problems, but since you were born at the top of the heap in our society you can conveniently ignore them and thumb your nose at people who care about these things, all the while pumping more money into New Falcon Publications...