Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just finished reading "Justine" by the Marquis de Sade

What can you say about a book that attempts to destroy any faith you have in human nature? De Sade's books are often referenced but rarely read, and when read rarely read from start to finish, so I.....and I'm talking like de Sade writes now....endeavored to do the task that so many had talked about but so few had done.

Well. It's not an erotic novel, more like an anti-erotic novel. The story itself is about a girl who's orphaned at a young age but who has an inflexible religious instinct, who finds herself thrust into situations because of her misfortune that compromise her virtue but who nonetheless remains pure to herself and to her faith. Really, though, the book is a series of philosophical monologues with illustrative situations accompanying them that present Sade's criticism of society.

His The best philosophical monologue in the entire book comes at its absolute worst point, where Justine is trapped at a Benedictine monastery that's been created to confine monks that have shown themselves to be extremely perverse, and who have lots of money in their families.

I'm sort of in shock by the whole thing, and can't formulate a really good response at the moment. I'll write more, dear friend, have no fears about that.

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