Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A lot of blue eyed blonde people in a population is evidence of..

Massive inbreeding. Both blue eyes and blonde hair, especially really blonde hair, are due to recessive traits, with blonde hair having more than one gene triggering it. For people with both of the traits to make up a big part of a population that population would have to have gotten so small that recessive traits that normally would have appeared and then disappeared actually had a chance to stick around. And that means lots of cousin lovin'. Yes, the blue eyed, blonde haired peoples at some point got a little friendly with the kin folk, especially in the cold north up there. Brrr!

And it gets better. Really pale white people with blue eyes and blonde hair are probably the most inbred of them all, and I don't know, those folks look like freaks to me anyways.

The most genetic diversity on the planet occurs in Africa.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of Brunettes carry the adult Blonde gene, thanks for ignoring that fact.

My parents were not related at all; you are really disgusting to suggest that. I wonder if you'd say that about my three Brunette sisters parents; we all have the same parents.

Sometimes God makes a few that are visually separate and distinct from the vast majority and then they are rare and should be protected as they are very vulnerable to bullying.

Blondes are not protected from hate-speech like John Madziarczyk's article and the reason they are not protected is because Bleached Brunettes pretend they are Blonde. 70% of prostitutes are Brunettes that have bleached themselves and assumed the GOOD name Blonde. You all know the Bleached Brunette reputation; the dumb slut. If you want to do some racial cleansing why not start with the sub-standard Bleached Brunettes. All normal women Blonde, Brunette etc are better than Bleached Brunettes.

Take out some of your hate on them; feel free, it's not racism; it's productism because they are a consumer group. Oh, and yeah, they deserve it too; they're very creepy visually and they're intellectually dysfunctional.