Monday, December 03, 2007

Maybe the reason Chavez wanted to end term limits was because of the other hundred something amendments in the referendum

The referendum, summarized article by article two posts below, would have completely changed the composition of Venezuelan society. It could be argued that the elimination of term limits was proposed so that Chavez wouldn't have to leave office halfway between the beginning and ending of the implementation of the rest of the referendum, most of which isn't even covered in stories or is reduced to a sentence or two.

*on edit: maybe that won't even be necessary. Chavez might have lost the battle but there a things a brewing, namely a mass socialist party that's pro-Chavez.

As Tariq Ali points out in a good Counterpunch article today, the referendum was flawed by having the entire thing, all hundred and some amendments, having to be voted on en masse instead of individually. And, European prime ministers don't have term limits, so the concept isn't that far out. Germany, for instance, experienced a long long prime minister-ship of the conservative Helmut Kohl. Who Reagan embraced.

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