Sunday, December 09, 2007

More weird Chavez coverage: "Bush Loses Venezuelan Election" by Juan Blanco Prada

Title link. It looks like another case of somebody not even bothering to read the amendments, because Prada attributes Chavez' loss in the referendum to ignoring bread and butter issues, while most of the referendum focused on exactly that. Says that the defeat of the referendum will get Chavez working on bread and butter issues again instead of things like promoting socialism, which of course has nothing to do with bread and butter issues.

When I lived in Florida I saw a small rally of Venezuelans on a street corner during one of the coup attempts against Chavez. I approached them assuming they were pro-Chavez, turned out they weren't. I questioned them about why they didn't like Chavez, and eventually they said that I was reading the wrong papers. It looks like Mr. Prada and just about every Progressive commentator on Chavez is reading the wrong papers now as well.

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