Monday, December 31, 2007

More weirdness: an Erich Hönecker joke

Just when you thought this site couldn't get any stranger...this joke is from "The Lives of Others", an excellent movie from Germany about East German surveillance. Actually portrays Germans as, like, having feelings and laughing every now and again. And how was it that people went from West Berlin to East Berlin? Weird. Even though there's no doubt that East Germany was one of the most intense police states on the planet they still let people from West Berlin come over there for an afternoon or to visit family. But here's the joke:

Erich Hönecker wakes up. The sun is rising, and he goes out on his balcony. "Good Morning sun!", he says. "Good morning Erich!", the sun says back. Then at lunch time Hönecker goes outdoors and looks at the sun, "Good afternoon sun!", he says. "Good afternoon Erich!", the sun replies. Then when he's ready to go to bed Hönecker goes out on his balcony again. The sun is setting. "Good evening sun!", he says. No answer. "I said 'Good evening sun', why didn't you answer me?". The sun says "Fuck you Erich I'm in the West now!".

Hönecker was the dictator of East Germany for most of its existence.

The other joke they told was this: A guy calls another guy and says "Have you heard the new one about Hönecker?", then a voice that's not either one of theirs comes on the line and says "That's not funny!". Click. The line goes dead. Then a message comes on saying "Hang up and try again".

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