Friday, December 28, 2007

Obama sets up a free speech zone in South Carolina

From "The Progressive" (title link) "Obama Campaign in South Carolina Causes Row Over Free Speech Zone" By Matthew Rothschild:

"One of Barack Obama’s slogans is “Turn the Page,” but his campaign seemed to take a page from George Bush on December 9 in South Carolina.

That Sunday afternoon, Obama and Oprah were about to speak at University of South Carolina stadium.

A crowd of about 30,000 was entering.

And three demonstrators against nuclear power were carrying signs to warn of the risk that nuclear waste might be dumped in South Carolina in an Obama Administration.

“Obama, Please Oppose a Nuclear Dump in S.C.,” one sign read.


“A couple of people with the Obama campaign said, ‘You can’t take those signs in.’ And we said, ‘Oh, we know, we’re going to stand outside.’ Then the Obama staff told us we had to leave the property,” Minerd says.

“I said, ‘This is public property, and I should be allowed to be here.’ But they repeated their line, and added: ‘If you want to hold your signs, you can go to the Budweiser sign, which is on the Budweiser building three blocks away.’ So I said, ‘Oh, you’ve got a free speech zone set up just like the Bush Administration.’ I couldn’t believe they were acting like Bush.”

Minerd and Clements, who were standing together, decided not to move. Then the cops came.

According to Minerd, the police told them the stadium had been rented by the Obama campaign. “It was private property for the day, and we had to leave,” they said, according to Minerd. She says the police had patches on their sleeves to cover up their names.

“So then we stood on the other side of the bushes over the fence,” she says, “and they told us, ‘The bushes belong to USC also and you have to completely get off the property.’ And we went across the street, and we just stood there on the sidewalk.”


The activists believe they were discriminated against on the basis of the content of their signs, since they say there were people wearing “Clean Coal” T-shirts who were handing out material, and these people weren’t hassled by campaign staff or the police.


I went across, and a USC cop hustled after me. This guy was larger than me, and was threatening to arrest me.”

But that’s not all, she says.

“Once I was behind the TV trucks, that’s when he took to shoving me with his chest,” says Cooper.

“I said, ‘What the fuck are you doing shoving a lady over 50?’

“I’m being nice to you today. I’m in a good mood, I’m not going to arrest you,” he responded, according to Cooper, who says she was physically assaulted."

Turn a new page Obama! Hypocrite, hypocrite, hypocrite. And now he's harping his only concrete recorded legislative achievement over Clinton, his vote against the Iraq war, in relation to Ms. Bhutto's death: According to This story on the ABC News website, "In a wide-ranging, free-wheeling interview with Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards with ABC News Friday afternoon, the former North Carolina senator labeled "ridiculous" comments made by the Obama campaign that seemed to link former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's assassination to Sen. Hillary Clinton's vote to authorize the use of force against Iraq."

Turn it, turn it!

Sometimes I think the below mentioned de Sade should be required reading for people too willing to believe in people's good intentions.

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