Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Parallel universe of the Seattle Weekly continued

You'll remember that the tourist/shopping district which runs from first and Pike to fifth and Pike in Seattle was recently labelled by a story in the Seattle Weekly as the closest thing that "LSD adverse Seattleites" could get to a parallel universe, with homeless people screaming and drug deals taking place. Well, I walked through this infamous district just now, getting a tasty Hum Bow (Chinese pastry filled with meat) and then walking across and down to the Seattle Public Library, where I am now. This time I made a note of the stores that line this parallel world, where the staff writers at the Seattle Weekly interviewed homeless people who then had demeaning charicatures drawn of them for the cover story.

So with the stores: besides the gigantic Pike Place Market itself, consisting of over a hundred stores, which is at the far end of the district between First and Fifth, I counted a Starbucks, a Seattles' Best coffee shop, a high end jewelry store advertising that they sold Rolex's, a Borders, a Walgreens, a Rite-Aid, a specialty snow-boarding and outdoor gear store, an Adidas store, several banks, a Bananna Republic (huge, like the Adidas store taking up between a quarter and half a city block), several touristy stores, a couple small restaurants, a parking garage, and one sleazy bar, the only sleazy bar in that part of town. Literally.

As for weird people, sure, there were some homeless people, like in every single major city in the fucking world, and then, oh my god! There were actually some black people! Jimminy Crickets, what is the world coming to! Black people in Seattle, maybe it offends some of the yokels who come from all white towns outside of the metro area or somewhere, who have relocated to Seattle to be where the action is.

My god, black people. Next thing you know there'll be pool halls and dancing joints.

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