Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Turn the other cheek a formula for exploitation

A problem with the Christian idea of turn the other cheek is that it encourages people to not oppose those who seek to do them harm. What a wonderful gift for feudal lords to have the Church say that in response to cruelty you should be passive, since doing something about it would be bad because it would be motivated by anger, and since justice will supposedly be rendered in heaven after death, with the exploiters denied resurrection during the end times. What a gift in general in our society those who aren't honest and who realize that there isn't any sort of cosmic justice or saving grace that's going to set the world right. So the pigs, referring to a certain type of person and not police officers in general here, of the world run rampant while people who are good stay silent because of fear of becoming like their adversaries if they do something about it.

I object to the right-wing connotations contained in some of it, but I do have to say that in a metaphorical sense the Satanic Bible's slogan of "If someone hits you on one cheek smash him on the other" is fairly good.

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