Thursday, January 31, 2008

$400 haircuts

Excellent interview on Democracy Now! with David Bonior, head of Jonathan Edward's campaign. Title link leads to it. The $400 haircut idea is important because it reveals a bias in the media. Having a $400 dollar haircut and being a populist is inconsistent, and shouldn't be overlooked, but when the media gets really upset about this in relation to Jonathan Edwards but doesn't seem to care about similar excesses committed by Clinton, Obama, Romney, or McCain it shows that they really don't object to it on principle but rather because it pokes a hole in a candidate that they don't like. If they had a principled stand they would call bullshit on every candidate for things like this, but they don't seem to be examining the homes of Romney or McCain, for instance. If you followed the objections to the haircut you might think that the media was really concerned about elite hypocrisy and on the side of the people, but no, it's just convenient opportunism. It's wrong but the media that trots it out doesn't give a damn about the underlying principle behind their criticism.

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