Monday, January 28, 2008

Another thing that the move to teach creationism in schools is indicative of

High schools have long had much less academic freedom than colleges. In fact, this is why conservatives are so against the supposed decadent freedom that exists on college campuses: because people in college in some way at least have the opportunity to honestly learn about the world they can dissent from the crap they've grown up with and therefore challenge conservative ideals. Compared to both life after high school in general and college in particular, high schools are a joke that has little to do with actual learning and more to do with satisfying the requirements of sexually repressed PTA members. Enter creationism.

Picture this: if a particular high school is under attack because the biology department teaches evolution in, like, the basic intro class, how much chance is there that anything remotely controversial is or can be taught in classes where controversy actually matters, like classes about politics? The answer is somewhere between "Not fucking likely" and "In your dreams".

This sort of censorship with regards to mainstream scientific opinion is only the logical extension of a widespread war waged by Christian conservatives on the grass roots level to make sure that the public school system in the United States stays within their ideals, both political, religious, social, and historical. And every person who passes through these school systems is done an extreme disservice because of all this.

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Renegade Eye said...

What is insidious about creationism, is that if you accept it, you also accept the validity of race theory.