Sunday, January 20, 2008

The compensatory function of the idea of the new Bush doctrine in the national psyche

The new Bush doctrine being the idea of a war on evil combined with a war on terror combined with a notion of "evil doers" constantly threatening the United States combined with the idea of a vast Islamic conspiracy that threatens to over power the United States and convert it to itself by force.

Jung would possibly say that 9/11 punctured the film separating the consciousness of society from its growing contents that had been pushed into unconsciousness. The many things that couldn't be talked about or acknowledged, from the actions of the CIA abroad to the great corruption of the Bush family in general were brought to the surface. But the reaction was far from pleasant in many people. Those people who had already dealt with these features of American society and history were not really phased by 9/11 although they no doubt felt compassion for the victims and a desire to see the people brought to justice. But for many others the intrusion of these sorts of subconscious contents into consciousness and the basic questions that the event brought up were too much to handle. First, they struck out violently against everyone and anything that they thought was responsible for their pain. Then, a new story, a new idea of how the world works, something that explained things, was manufactured by the administration in order to plug up some of the questions and criticism that may have come up through analyzing and confronting the new feelings and issues violently brought to the surface. The idea of Islamo-Fascism is a way of comforting people and encouraging them not to look behind the curtain at what's really going on. It's a piss poor excuse to keep the country from doing what it should have been doing from day one: having a reckoning with itself, with the record of the United States in the world in the past fifty years, and what those actions mean on a moral, ethical, and global scale.

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