Wednesday, January 09, 2008

DownWithTyranny! takes on Obama's "Post-partisanship stance"

The reason I keep on flagging Obama is because there's a real difference between what liberals and progressives on the net seem to think that he believes and represents and what he actually, by his own words and by his own admissions, represents. They think he's the second coming of Christ, I think that his politics were watered down in the first place and are getting more watery by the minute. Here are some highlights from the post:

"It appears that Senator Obama is striking a chord with his appeal to "post-partisanship."

It sounds lovely. Who doesn't like to feel good? My problem with most "feel good" movements is that they aren't based on anything real to feel good about.

It's hard to see how Senator Obama's stratospheric soar above partisanship can work. It's based on the assumption that the reason we haven't all gotten together and worked all this stuff out together in a spirit of harmony is because nobody ever thought of it. Does anyone really believe this?

Apparently so. But while there are certainly narrow issues--important ones, but narrow ones--where such compromises might be thrashed out in a dialogue unpolluted by the demagoguery of the Far Right, there aren't all that many such issues, and hardly any of the really crucial issues qualify.

As David Sirota wrote back in February 2007:

There is no "third way" or "consensus" way out of many of our most pressing problems, as Obama seems to believe. Why? Because many of our most pressing problems are zero-sum: someone is benefiting from the status quo, and to change the status quo means someone may lose something. And if you don't believe me, just take a quick look at history. . . . [Emphasis in the original]

In the Beltway, [Obama] is surrounded by old political hands who, like most people there, likely try to tamp down any of his confrontational, power-challenging instincts for fear they might offend ruling class sensibilities."

***Amen to that***

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