Friday, January 25, 2008

If the aim is post-partisanship then why have parties

Inquiring minds want to know. Why does there exist a Democratic Party and a Republican Party if the goal is to transcend differences and come to some sort of post-partisan consensus? Parties exist because there are differences, significant differences, in political orientation, programs, philosophy. They are differences that can't be ignored. The idea of post-partisan cooperation implies two mutually exclusive positions making some sort of common ground. The fact that you have significant differences between large groups of people who have different ideologies isn't a cause for alarm, it's called democracy. And in democracies the philosophy with the most votes wins, which means that by definition people will be left out. Strife and competition in the political realm is natural and healthy, to say otherwise is to make a mockery out of the idea of self-determination. If people don't like the fact that a small majority is able to dictate policy they should organize to get a bigger share of the vote.

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