Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More proof that there's no necessary connection between drug use and liberalism

Cruising the University District in Seattle, where UW is, I spotted a headshop by the name of the "SpottedOwlBurger", the spotted owl being the endangered species in southern Oregon that caused an enormous amount of controversy regarding logging prohibitions in the early '90s. Making fun of the spotted owl like that is a regular past time for conservative idiots up here. But hey, they smoke a lot of pot there!

It reminds me of another store like that that I went into once in Gainesville, Fl. It sold pipes and the like, and in its glass case by the counter there were marijuana patches literally next to Rebel Flag belt buckles.

And it's known that some white supremacist gangs support themselves by drug dealing.

Which is one reason why although admirable, things like HempFest don't necessarily contribute to social change except by potentially radicalizing the people who go there and raising money and awareness for causes related to ending the drug war and legalizing medical marijuana.

It ain't Woodstock.

You have right wing idiots who smoke pot mixing with gangsters, wanna be and otherwise, who like pot but who also like fighting and listen to songs about killing people.

Like I said, if this thing contributes to the raising of awareness and consciousness of these people HempFest will of served as a positive force in the lives of its attendees, but people shouldn't be conned into believing that the only people who are interested in these things are peaceful hippies liking peace and love.

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