Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Redemption through Sin

Redemption through sin is an idea established by the Jewish Messiah Sabbathai Zevi, founder of the eponymous Sabbathian movement. Living in the 17th century he declared that he was the Messiah, that the old law had been abolished, and that a new law was taking its place. But to experience the new metaphysical realm one had to emancipate themselves from the old law, the law of the Torah, which was now a negative force in the universe. This was also thought to be the case on a larger, worldwide, scale. The way that you emancipated yourself from the old law was to systematically violate the laws of Jewish tradition, from things relating to dietary restrictions on down, until purified of the old law you could perceive the new dispensation and implement it in your life. The new law would be moral as well, but it would be limited to a smaller number of commandments that would have a broader application in the world. By systematically and very purposefully violating religious law you not only contributed to your own emancipation but to the emancipation of man, because on a spiritual level all transgressions of the old law done by individuals collectively weakened the old law's power in the world. Once the old law was destroyed on a social scale the true rebirth of all mankind would take place.

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