Thursday, January 10, 2008

Republican rhetoric surrounding liberals and 9/11 reminds me of "Birth of a Nation" sometimes

Namely the idea that 9/11 happened because of the decadent liberals during the Clinton regime and that the Global War on Terror was a corrective and just response. Everyone knows that Birth of a Nation is about the Klan. Fewer people know the context that they put the Klan in.

The movie starts during Reconstruction, the time period after the Civil War where there was an actual attempt to transform the Southern power structure in order to make it truly democratic and to truly deliver equal rights to former slaves. Newly elected black legislators are portrayed as eating fried chicken in their state congress, making barely understandable declarations about how they have to get whitey. Black rapists roam the land. Into this situation, created by the Lincoln administration and abolitionists comes the Ku Klux Klan, riding in to restore justice and the honor of white womanhood. The Klan is portrayed as a necessary force, much like the Global War on Terror is portrayed as necessary to correct the liberal decadence that lead to 9/11 happening.

It's the same vigilante justice, the same disregard of laws.

Will a Birth of a Nation film be made about the period we're living in now some day, with Bush as a daring Klansman leading the charge against the brown hordes threatening the U.S.?

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