Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shorter Rosa Brooks: people born after the '60s don't believe that all women should be barefoot and pregnant

The self interpreter of "Generation Y" brings more completely banal and meaningless facts to the table in relation to the 2008 election:

"Younger Americans tend to think differently about gender. Generation Y — those born after 1977 — is dramatically more accepting of nontraditional gender roles than older generations; a recent survey found, for example, that 63% “completely disagree” that women should “return to traditional roles” in society. These younger Americans are also far more comfortable with homosexuality, which makes them less likely to assume that women who behave in less “traditional” ways must “really” be lesbians — and if they are, Gen Y-ers wonder, who cares?"

Wow, I thought that, like Carol Burnett and LaVerne and Shirley were breaking out of traditional gender roles in the '60s, on mainstream television no less!

Who knew that just a few years ago, like in the '90s, the pre-Generation Y population believed that if a woman went to college for something beyond cooking that they were lesbians?

What an unenlightened age.

But then again, when your reputation, and possible book deals, are on the line, absurdities like that Gen-Y people are radically different than, say, Generation X people, who grew up in the glow of the sixties themselves, are necessary to bolster your culture guru credentials.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, this is the first time I've been to your blog. Please clarify for me... Are YOU saying that YOU really think that most people born before 1977 think that college educated women are lesbians?

CUNxTime said...

I left the anon comment above. I didn't have an ID.

CUNxTime said...

I'm not quite sure how to contact you but I'd like to get some clarification about your post.

John Madziarczyk said...

Sorry for the delay. I'm not saying that, I was being ironic. The person writing the article seems to think that the things that she's observing in "Generation Y" are completely unique. In fact, they've been things that have been part of our national life for many, many, years.

Of course people born before 1977 don't believe that college educated women are lesbians.

CUNxTime said...

Oh, you were referring to another article... I didn't realize that.

Where would I find the original?

Like I said, I'm kind of new to the
blogging world.....