Friday, February 15, 2008

Are they really this racist/stupid?

In the title linked article, about the Presidential election, there's the following statement:

"Time magazine recently observed that, like Tiger Woods and Angelina Jolie, Obama has "one of those faces that seem beamed from a postracial future." "

Here's picture of Angelina Jolie's mom:

Here's a picture of her dad:

Do they seem multiracial to you?

The point is that when Time Magazine makes the pronouncement that a person who's simply a darker skinned European is evidence of an emerging multi-racial America we're not even close to realizing that ideal.

Amazing that they feel that someone who doesn't look like they could walk out of a country club in New England is automatically of a different race than they (most likely) are.

Declaring a multi-racial America by labeling someone who isn't multi-racial multi-racial makes me wonder whether or not they're really, really, endemically racist or whether they're stupid to the point where they can't take a second or to to use that mighty tool known as Wikipedia to fact check their stories.

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