Sunday, February 10, 2008

Funny thing about socialism in the United States

And this includes anarchism. I have a spiritual life, although it's unconventional and centers around occult things and thought derived from Wicca and Goddess centered religions, and I'm constantly amazed that texts that would have literally gotten a person burned at the stake several centuries ago are really available in the U.S. while basic information about socialism is harder to find.

The last public burning of someone for Witchcraft in England took place in the 17th century, same thing with the United States as far as I know.

At some large chain stores you can buy the Key of Solomon the King, which is about summoning demons and having them do things for you, but beyond the basic source material of Marx's writings and some odds and ends relating to history you can't find any cogent explanation of socialism, either radical socialism or social democracy, although the situation with anarchism is getting better.

Summoning demons=ok

Marxian and non-Marxian socialism and some anarchism=not ok.

Not saying that this should be reversed, just that maybe some parity is in order.

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