Monday, February 25, 2008

Hi, would you like to hear about the second testament of Barack Obama?

[on opening it there are two well dressed young men] "Hi, I'm elder James and this is elder Robert and we wonder if you had a minute to discuss the second testament of Barack Obama. You know that after his first book "Dreams of my father" Barack Obama authored a second one called "The Audacity of Hope" that provides an uplifting message of Hope and Change for both the people of the United States and for the entire world. We, as representatives of the second church of Barack Obama, of Latter day Hope Givers, want to give you a chance to bring this message of Hope into your heart and be saved by the grace of our political system. With the power of your faith, and with your contributions and your actions in November, we can establish a godly kingdom on earth where cute puppy dogs and rainbows appear over the land and ice cream grows on trees. All this if you accept the doctrine of hope into your heart and believe in the power of change."


pr said...

John - You suck. Go die.

Renegade Eye said...

Barack is venturing into dangerous territory; raised expectations.

Pedal said...

Nail on the head (as well as the other locations of Obama's stigmata)!