Friday, February 22, 2008

On one side of the Turkey/Iraq border Kurds are

A people who are seen as being abused, being targeted by ethnic cleansing, and who have had chemical weapons used against them. On the other side they're seen as terrorist rebels. The fact is that besides the chemical weapons, many of the things that Saddam did to the Kurds in Iraq the Turkish government has been doing to the Turkish Kurds, albeit on a smaller scale.

People who are Kurdish in Turkey can be arrested and thrown in jail for printing a newspaper in the Kurdish language, as has in fact happened in the past.

All over the media now, especially on Fox News, the incursion by Turkey of 10,000 troops and air support into Iraq is somehow being presented as a move against terrorists, who are thought to have pointlessly targeted the poor Turkish state, who's the victim in this scenario, not the aggressor who is attempting to destroy all of Kurdish culture in it's borders.

And 10,000 troops isn't an 'incursion': it's an act of war.

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Anonymous said...

0) The ban on Kurdish language publications is removed and Kurdish books and papers are sold in every corner throughout the country now.

1) One should not confuse PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) with Kurds. PKK is a Marksist-Leninist terror organization that is rejected by a big majority of Kurds. PKK makes its money from drug trafficking and kills indiscriminately using suicide bombers (most recent PKK attack in Turkey hit a bus and half of the killed were school children). PKK uses N. Iraq as a safe haven to launch hit and run attacks across the border in Turkey.

2) Turkey had been asking Iraqis and Americans for years to get rid of PKK camps in N. Iraq. Iraqis admit that they have no control on that part of the country high in the mountains. If Iraqis cannot clean up the terrorist bases in their territory, somebody has to do it for them. Turkey has repeatedly declared that she respects Iraq's territorial integrity. Turkey's limited security operations are legitimate by international law. UN recognized Turkey's right to self defense against PKK and asked Turkey to avoid civilian causalities in these operations and finish the job as soon as possible, which is precisely what Turkey is doing.

3) One does not "invade" a country with only a few thousand troops. Turkey has an army of 500,000 and has just sent 2-5K commandos targeting PKK camps in remote mountains in N. Iraq far away from any civilian populations. These operations are conducted in cooperation with US military intelligence. US feeds the Turks real-time satellite imagery to track PKK movements for precise targeting and avoiding civilians.

4) Turkey fights with PKK and not with Kurds. This is not an issue of Turks versus Kurds as some try to portray. Turkey is the biggest investor in Iraqi Kurdistan. Many hospitals, schools and hotels in Iraqi Kurdistan are built by Turks. N. Iraq gets almost all of its electricity and gas from Turkey. A prosperous and stable northern Iraq is in the best interest of Turkey. PKK’s dream is to create an ethnic war between Kurds and Turks. It has not been successful until now. l doubt it that it will.