Monday, February 11, 2008


A movie on DVD. It's a French film dubbed into Thai with English subtitles.

A funny, funny, madcap French comedy that for multiple reasons a company in the U.S. would never make. Too open about homosexuality, too open about sexuality in general (without being an actual porn film), you name it. It revolves around a construction site manager who moves into a house with his wife in the countryside of Paris that used to be a gay disco. There was an accident when a bubble machine and a foam machine short circuited and four of the dancers were killed, doomed to disco dance for eternity within the same house. He can see them, his wife can't.

One of the ways that he knows that there are ghosts there is that he mysteriously finds his clothes ironed, pressed, and put in his wardrobe. Then, the ghosts draw a symbol of a cock and balls with wings in chalk on his pool table.

A favorite part: the ghosts look at a present day magazine (2006) and one of them sees Sarkozy and exclaims "Oh my GOd! My ex is now mayor of Paris!"

Good fun.

And you get used to the Thai language dialogue.

Unfortunately it's in PAL format on a Region 3 disc, so unless your DVD player can be cracked to play all regions and can also convert PAL to NTSC... and you're a huge film snob... it'll probably not be accessible.

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