Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tom Hayden: "After Super Tuesday, Time for Peace Movement to Get Off the Sidelines"

Wow, great headline. What does Tom Hayden mean by this?

"There are differences that matter between Clinton and Obama, not as great as between the Democrats and McCain, but significant nonetheless. They are these:

Obama favors a 16-18 month timeline for withdrawing US combat troops. Clinton favors “immediately” convening the Joint Chiefs to draft a plan to “begin” drawing down US troops, but with no timetable for completing the withdrawal.

Obama opposed the measure authorizing Bush to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, widely regarded as an escalating step towards another war. Clinton voted for the authorization.

Obama opposed the 2002 authorization for war that Clinton voted for. Clinton still calls that decision a “close call” and refuses to say it was a mistaken vote."

These four short paragraphs are in the same order that they appear in the story (title link).

Hayden goes on to say that people should push the candidates to adopt harder anti-war positions, but he clearly sees Obama as the favorite, saying that the task for Obama supporters should be to get him to connect the war to the economy, and that if you're a Clinton supporter you should contact her campaign because "she should be pressured to keep catching up with Obama’s positions."

There's no discussion, first of all, if Obama's positions really are that much better than Clinton's and second of all there's no call for marches, protests, sit ins, or anything else that's candidate free and would be aimed at both the general public and at the government in general, both this one and whatever comes next.

Instead, Mr. Hayden has written a commercial for Obama.

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