Sunday, March 30, 2008

Acrimony between Republican and Democratic candidates for president weakens America

Party chiefs encourage the nominees of their respective parties to settle on a winner instead of weakening America by taking the contest all the way to the November election. "While John McCain and his Democratic opponent are bickering, Al Qaeda grows in strength, they should settle this so that we don't have the country tearing itself apart in November.".

This, of course, in reference to the amazing news that the Democratic Party has been urging Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race for President against her opponent Barack Obama. Because, you know, you two competing against one another for votes from people just makes McCain stronger, so, you know, you need to forfeit all the delegates from the future primaries, Hillary, because by wanting to win the nomination you're actually enabling McCain to win.

Memory in America is a dangerous thing, and I can remember the same sorts of arguments used against Al Gore in the 2000 election controversy. Gore was being a baby, he didn't want to accept defeat, everyone knew that he'd lost. In fact the Florida legislature had a bill submitted that would have unilaterally given all the electoral votes to Bush because, they said, (paraphrasing) everyone knew that Bush had really won.

I mean, it's not like it's the Presidency or anything. God Hillary, don't take it so seriously!

* on edit: as an added bonus there's this article from the Telegraph, a mainstream British paper, reporting that senior Democratic party officials are considering unilaterally nominating Al Gore as the Democratic Presidential candidate for November. Wow, talk about putting the "Democratic" back in the Democratic Party. Let me translate:

After primary after primary where people have registered their opinions about who should be the Democratic nominee the party bosses are considering over ruling them all and appointing a candidate to run against the Republicans who has been in no primaries, and has not said anything in the past year about running besides asking folks to not try to draft him into the race.

And they accuse Russia of having corrupt elections.

Looks like the Democratic Party Central Committee needs to start using less nose powder.

"Man, I know what we can do! We can like nominate fuckin' Gore for the nomination!" (snort). "Fuck yeah Patrick!"

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