Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Actual conversation with new hipster roommates in Olympia in 2004

Me:The Cramps [psychobilly punk rock band] are post modern, they cite Andre Breton [author of the Surrealist Manifesto] in their liner notes.

Them: I don't know, Breton wasn't really that radical.

*Because, of course, everyone knows that Andre Breton ran the Surrealist writers' group as a little dictator, right? It's common knowledge. Therefore, because this Punk rock band from the '70s on used Rockabilly culture in an ironic sense, and actually cited Breton as a source for their surreal aesthetic, they couldn't really be "post-modern".

They should have, like, cited Raymond Queneau, who writes poems where the first word of each line put together makes another poem.

Because all the world should be familiar with writers who are spawned, supported by, and can only exist within, the French Academic system.

Breton, like, so '50s, man.

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