Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Age of Aquarius?

It's funny what you find under the heading of Aquarius if you look into that mighty oracle known as Wikipedia.

Aquarius Wiki link.

The thing is that people have been predicting a New Age for quite some time, but only in the mid-20th century....I think....did people start to link a belief in a New Age coming to the precession of the equinox's and the movement of the rising sign at the spring equinox from Pisces to Aquarius. In any case the identification of an Age of Aquarius with a peace and love fest is sort of off the mark if the characteristics that astrologers ascribe to Aquarius are true.

It seems that Aquarius combines a sort of very rational thinking tendency with a kind of tolerant and humanitarian streak. Fierce independence as well. But my sense is that the tolerant and humanitarian streak is much different than that associated with Pisces, which astrologers identify with the Christian ethic. Tolerance of others and a sense of humanitarianism based on a rational understanding that these things are good.

Not quite group sex while high on pot and a little LSD, but ironically in line with the social ideals of the Kennedy years.

Here's a run down of the Aquarian qualities given verily by ye olde Wiki.

Notice on the bottom it says "unemotional/cold".

" * strong-willed / stubborn
* opinionated
* far-sighted / visionary
* innovative / inventive
* tolerant / unprejudiced / objective
* humane / humanitarian
* genial / friendly / sociable
* idealistic
* remote / detached / aloof
* intuitive
* devoted to their goals
* free-spirited / rebellious
* frank / outspoken
* independent / individualistic
* intelligent / intellectual
* leading / trend setting
* engaging
* unpredictable
* eccentric / unconventional
* temperamental
* resentful
* enigmatic / magnetic
* progressive
* unemotional / cold


Terry MacKinnell said...

I could not agree with you more. You can do the reverse of what you have done and analyse the lyrics to the song `Aquarius' based on archetype associations between the words of the lyrics and the astrological signs.

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John Madziarczyk said...

Cool. The Age of Aquarius looks more like Crowley's New Aeon than anything else.

Not saying that that's a bad thing, just that the Aeon of Horus is about as far from the "Hair" version as you can get. Except that sex and drugs are ok there too.

Bernie Quigley said...

Robertson Davies book, "One Half of Robertson Davies" makes the point that Aquarius is not peace and love, but the work of Titans. It is not a yin age like Pisces (peace and love) but a yang age (reason, strength and logic). The Platonic months alternate yin and yang. The Sixties was the end of the Piscean age (peace and love) in which the Christ was the primary avatar (Mahammud, the alternate; these are the two fish in the symbol - fighting fish) - Aquarius only entered in 2001 thereabouts my mark at about the time of the tsunami. Mozart's "The Magic Flute" is a harbinger of Aquarius both as it expresses the rise from "earth mother" (Madonna and Child, up to 1400s, see Robert Graves, "The White Goddess") to Greek Council (Savastro). The TV show Lost is an Aquarian Creation myth likewise showing the rise to the Greek Council of Sarastro and the Enlightenment - when I Googled "Lost Aquarius" your blog came up.

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