Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Can't understand why people object to Putin and Medvedev but act like the Communist Party isn't there

Because the Communist Party of the Russian Federation could be a positive force in Russia today. Objections that the party is descended from a line of dictators don't make much sense while Putin and company are in control of the country. The ideology of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is a little bit strange--it mixes traditional Communist style socialism with a belief in Russian cultural uniqueness as a bridge between East and West, but is in all probability much more progressive than Putin and company.

The other major opposition parties are the Liberal Democratic party lead by Vladimir Zhironovsky, an ultra-nationalist anti-semite, and Fair Russia, which unanimously voted to support Putin's chosen candidate Medvedev in the recent election.

So, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation seems like the only viable mass leftist party in Russia and is in fact the second most popular party, with regional support growing.

The irony is funny, though. Putin's characterized as being a wild card and threat to world security through his politics but there's never any discussion about who the alternatives are, because that would involve putting the Communist Party back on the table.

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