Friday, March 14, 2008

Depressing thought

I realized today that starting in November the overwhelming majority of the time I've spent "On the Road" so to speak, the time that's passed since I definitively left Michigan for Florida and then the Northwest, will have been spent under the Bush administration. I left in late '99, and experienced the whole 2000 vote debacle while living in Florida itself. I even used a butterfly ballot when I cast my vote for Nader.

That's something that profoundly depresses me, mainly because like many, many other people I'd expected Americans to seriously revolt against Bush, nullifying his reign by public opposition. But that hasn't happened. A thousand potential scandals have been associated with the two terms of his administration but nothing has stuck, not even complete lies about the reasons for going to war with Iraq. It's sad that all of this will come to an end due to term limits that prohibit Bush from running again, basically just letting the clock run out with no serious justice being done.

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Renegade Eye said...

There are antiwar events across the country this week.

Don't mourn, organize.